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Today I received a request for the pose-able mannequins I made a month or so back.

I will be linking two versions.  One is for 3DsMax 2013.  The other is for 3DsMax 2010, which should work with 2010 and all newer versions, though I can’t tell you if the rig is completely intact.

Please note that these figures are stylized and represent two specific body-types, so make changes to your drawings accordingly, kay? :)

Please use these as DRAWING REFERENCE ONLY. Do not redistribute; link back to me instead, please. It would be nice, but not required if you sent some sort of credit my way on pieces you’ve referenced from these guys on.

Everything is labelled, so it should be pretty self explanatory. But here is some info on a few of the controllers:

You can always send me an ask if some part of the rig just completely baffles you, and I’ll do my best to explain.