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Not 30DayOC, but I made progress on my Sid doll!  That darn co-writer of mine (<3) went and bought her next doll, which got my fickle mind back on this project.

 I really refined the anatomy of her torso from the last time I touched her.  I scrapped the legs I was working on for her and rejuvenated the clay to try again. This time I’m starting with the joint and then building the rest.  Also, she got a craniotomy and I started trying to refine her head innards and headcap goodness.

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So our main cast have all now been drawn by my lovely co-author, coveofmadness! There’s a lot of characters involved so I wanted to have a master post of all of them together. Don’t mess with Chicago gangsters and their ladies.

Oh, look - a masterpost of all the Omerta Characters I’ve drawn, curated by my lovely co-author, drderange!

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Day 7 (Part 2): Any Side Characters You Want to Spotlight?

Tracy Leskow (nee Lolordo). She is soft, caring, and compassionate, but laced with moxie. Trained as a nurse and now expecting her and Vlad’s first child, she does her best to hide the extent of her worry concerning her husband’s occupational hazards.

Tracy was created by drderange.

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Day 7 (Part 1): Any Side Characters You Want to Spotlight?

Isabella Bianchi. Izzie parted ways with Vlad five years ago on hostile terms, only to knock on his doorstep one autumn day filled with grief over the death of a man that had helped raise them both. Passionate, proud, and at times volatile, she had already once before survived the gangland wars as a not-quite-passive onlooker, only to find herself drawn back in, looking for vengeance.

Izzie was created by drderange.

When the show hasn’t had me busy, Pokemon has been distracting me… whoops?

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Day 6 (Part 2): Draw Any Siblings

Sofia Roth (nee Leskow). She may be the baby of the Leskow family, but despite all her brother’s efforts she grew up just as brash as the boys.  She and her husband have settled in far southern Chicago, determined to raise their daughter far from the turmoil they faced in the inner city slums.

Hey look, I live!  What kind of clothes does Fi wear? I don’t know yet. She’s definitely a work in progress for me. But at least I finally drew some version of her! :D

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A little doodle I managed to get out during our tech rehearsal last night.  The little girl playing Gretl inspired it; she’s such a cutie patoot, always standing with her hands behind her back, one foot twisted in.

Tried working on more of the 30 day challenge, but there’s no wifi at our theatre space for me to grab the proper refs to complete Sofia, Tracy, and Izzy, who are all up on the docket.  Next Monday, I should FINALLY have a free night to work on those properly.

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Model sheet finished for now!  I may go back and add some more expressions and poses, but this is ready enough for portfolio inclusion. :3

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I’ve been working on this turnaround all day (+ clothes), but naked base Sid isn’t going to be in the final sheet. Instead she’ll be covered in clothes (Oh, darn!.) So, I thought I’d share because… well… why not?

I combined my normal cel shading style with Kyle Webster’s watercolor brush and I quite like how painterly it looks despite how simple it is to achieve. Yay!

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Futzin’ with digital watercolor with an updated old drawing of the Ferdie’s exterior. :)

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1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

Overall, I prefer digital because it is so much easier to catch and fix mistakes and play with color palettes and colors.  But when I’m just sketching down ideas, either thumbnails or random stuff that pops into my head that I need to jot down, I prefer pencil (generally a red or blue col-erase) and paper.

5. What’s Your Favorite Thing To Draw?

My characters - usually just different hair, age, AU, or costume variations.

14. Do You Ever Collaborate With Others?

I collaborate on ideas with others.  Both Omerta and Descending (my babies!) are collabs.  Omerta is kinda the three way brain-child of me and @drderange, but a fair amount of Ethan and Sid’s foundation came from collabing with my best friend, Rachel and her OCs.  Descending is a bunch of musings probably close to 10 years in the making.  

I’ve never done any actual art collabs though, but no one has asked and I’m too afraid of asking anyone. Heh.

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

My characters and their stories. They’re my frickin’ children, they’re fully formed people that have free roam of my head at almost all hours of the day, and I want other people to know them, and like them, and *coughshiptheminreallybizarrepairingscough*…  I want to be a better artist so I can do their stories justice and actually get them out into the world.

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